My Name is Helena, I’m a decidedly alternative (a little bit hippy, a little bit steam punk and a lot of a skater chick) wedding and events photographer based in Landrake in Cornwall. I love telling stories with my work and will put heart and soul into taking quirky and engaging photos that capture the spirit of your big day.


Helena Blisscitadel sunshine0001

  • I’ve been taking photos since college, where I shot in black and white and developed my own prints. I still use 35mm film for some of my work, because I’m a massive photo geek and love the results, especially if I’m using expired and aged film.
  • I regularly stay up far too late doing night shots and light painting.
  • I love making things, especially out of old stuff no one wants any more. I regularly make my own clothes and once even made my own skateboard.
  • I’m a board sport fanatic and own more boards than I do heels (though not by much).
  • I have multiple Neil Gaiman inspired tattoos.
  • My cat is called Kitty and she looks like Totoro.